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Vice News / A Question of Time / Integrated Campaign

Problem ︎
Each second 1.7 MB (500 word pages) data is stored about each American citizen by countless companies and the American government. This means that these organizations have access to what every single citizen thinks and feels at any time.

Fact ︎

78% of Americans are not aware of how their data is being used.

Insight ︎
People don’t feel that they have anything to hide, therefore they aren’t worried about data surveillance.

Solution ︎
Vice News places their viewers in the middle of a dystopian future to inform them of the nearby consequences of the current data collection, and at the same time provide a platform to demand a data protection law to solve the problem.


Vice News goes breaking on their weekly news show “Showtime” with news from 2021.

The story from the future will be posted on all Vice News channels.

We’ll create outdoors and posters filled wit the data points that companies collect to visualize just how much data there is stored on each person each second

We’ll place sponsored ads on social channels and Youtube that reveals the data points we used to target them with our ad.

We’ll place banners on sites that reveal how much data is being stored while visiting the site.

On our landing page we’ll host a petition to demand a data protection law. People will also be able to send the petition to a friend.

The friend are asked to login through Facebook where we’ll use their  data to generate a scary story from a near future with them as the main character. 

Instagram filters that show what the platform logs from you.

Data surveillance is now an overall topic on Vice News platforms.