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Absolut Vodka / Doomsday Fashion / CD Morten Grubak / Virtue Nordic
Brief Create a better tomorrow tonight by making Absolut Vodka shock North America.

For more than 30 years, Absolut has created headlines for tackling important topics in radical ways, from LGBT rights to religious freedom. Many of these issues have been brought to life through modern culture, such as art, music and fashion.

Problem ︎ 
Gen Z might be the last generation to experience the world as we know it.

Insight ︎
The consequences of climate changes will create a demand for clothing with more than just a great print.

Solution ︎
Absolut x Kith collabs to create a doomsday fashionline to remind people of future climate consequences. 

Each piece of the Doomsday Collection will have a built-in surrival function. The Collection will be created of waste from natural disasters and all profit will be used to rebuild the areas affected by the disaster.


Tracksuits that reflects the sun to keep cool during heat waves.

Backpacks that functions as life jackets for floodings.
Protective jackets against acid rain.

We’ll launch the collection at New York Fashion Week where we’ll invite literal influencers - Politicians, CEO’s and climate deniers. Influencers with the power to really change things.

The collection will drop in key cities in America. Each shop will repesent the climate consequense that the specific city is facing.