︎︎︎What happens when you get your first job? Everything changes.

More than 3,000 teenagers get their first job at McDonald’s each year. Unfortunately, many of them experience that people frown upon their new job.

To change the Danes' perception of what a job at McDonald’s is, we took the employees' own stories and turned them into their own show to help them explain what their first job means to them.

EVERYTHING CHANGES is a 6-episode-long comedy series aired on YouTube, starring some of Denmark's biggest TikTokers and musician.


︎︎︎We also created a TVC that told the parents about all the things we see when their teenager is at work.


Thanks to our great team

Creative Director ︎ Tim Fremmich
Business Director ︎ Tina Bagge
Account Manager ︎ Camilla Mathilde Pedersen
Strategic Director ︎ Jesper Sommer Schjølin

Director ︎ Anna Sørrig
Written by ︎ Anna Sørrig & Lasse Dein
DOP ︎ Jonas Berlin
Production company ︎ Spoiled Productions
Producer ︎ Amalie Hereskind & Anders Hynding

Editor ︎ Jasmin Falk
Colorist ︎ Nurali Kushkov
Title music composers ︎ Salomon Stampe, Mads Bo, Lasse Dein, Victor Støve
Sound Designer ︎ Rob Davidsson

1st AC ︎ Bertil Rosenkrands
2nd AC ︎ Christine Radl
Production Designer ︎ Martin Johansen / Van Horn
Props ︎ Astrid Hesselbjerg
Gaffer ︎ Andreas Kragh-Jakobsen & Casper Bülow
Best Boy ︎ Jonathan Kjærgaard & Piet Hasselby
Sound ︎ Jacob Høgsberg
Stylist ︎ Mickaela Berman
Stylist Assistant ︎ Katrine Bech
1st AD ︎ Tue Czajkowski
Production Manager ︎ Nadia Kvist
Production Coordinator ︎ Rikke Arpe
Runner ︎ Caroline Vedel & Liva Bech Holskov

Freja ︎ Anna Haarup Munch
Jonathan ︎ Oliver Michelsen
Emma ︎ Cynthia Nielsen
Benjamin ︎ Mads Bülow Lehnsby
Sarah ︎ Ellen Fensbo
Søster/Camilla ︎ Caja Christensen
Restaurantchef ︎ Nadia Kvist
Mor ︎ Nynne Holmen
Far ︎ Michael René